Atlas Eau de Toilette by Laboratory Perfumes
Laboratory Perfumes

Atlas Eau de Toilette by Laboratory Perfumes

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When it came to developing Atlas, Laboratory Perfumes wanted to create a fragrance which, at the heart, would have an earthily aromatic tobacco note.  With the help of a knowledgeable but somewhat bemused tobacconist, they went through dozens of combinations in search of the right scent to build upon.  They decided on an exotic blend reminiscent of Morocco and then added layers of rum, vanilla and hay to intensify its North African character.  Cinnamon, ginger and black pepper with the warming, woody aromas of Cognac finish off the scent to create a complex and confident fragrance that unveils new layers as the day goes on.

London based Laboratory Perfumes make fragrances to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, which is one reason why we were excited to have them at Hunter Jones.  In addition, their British made range is socially concious, enviromentally friendly and cruelty-free.  They create scents using essential and fragrance oils - all of them skin-kind and free from parabens, phthalates, preservatives, synthetics, additives and any other harmful or non-sustainable substances.  


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