Palo Santo + Apophyllite Mineral Bundle
Palo Santo + Apophyllite Mineral Bundle
Hunter Jones

Palo Santo + Apophyllite Mineral Bundle

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2 Palo Santo sticks bundled with Apophyllite Mineral. 

Palo Santo, meaning "holy wood", is a purifying + natural incense, sustainably harvested from Peru.

Palo Santo is used to cleanse negativity from your home space and sooth anxieties. It can also be useful in easing colds and headaches. Use of the wood dates back to the Inca period. This warm "woodsy" fragrance carries hints of pine, citrus and sweet mint. 

Apophyllite is an volcanic mineral. When held, Apophyllite reduces anxiety while increasing feelings of calm, happiness, positivity + love. Helping you sort out problems in a more productive way, have a fresh look on your worries + simply relax you. 

Light your Palo Santo + leave it burning for 10-20 seconds. Blow out the flame and leave it smouldering to enjoy the scent. Now sit quietly while holding your Apophyllite in your hands to feel benefits. 


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