Amber Eau de Toilette by Laboratory Perfumes
Laboratory Perfumes

Amber Eau de Toilette by Laboratory Perfumes

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A firm customer favourite, Laboratory Perfumes' Amber is a complex, well-rounded fragrance which appeals to men and women alike.  Evolving throughout the day, Amber's layers reveal different component notes as the tempo changes.  A dynamic burst of fresh greenery and grassiness matches the energy of morning, subtly maturing to a warm, rich spice throughout the day.  Balmy, earthy wood and ambergris bring a more subdued tone to the fragrance as the evening draws in. 

London based Laboratory Perfumes make fragrances to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, which is one reason why we were excited to have them at Hunter Jones.  In addition, their British made range is socially concious, enviromentally friendly and cruelty-free.  They create scents using essential and fragrance oils - all of them skin-kind and free from parabens, phthalates, preservatives, synthetics, additives and any other harmful or non-sustainable substances.  


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