Devon Charcoal + Bentonite Purging Mask
Devon Charcoal + Bentonite Purging Mask
Holy Water

Devon Charcoal + Bentonite Purging Mask

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A potent charcoal and Bentonite Mask. 

A blend of Birch, Hazel, Willow and Ash tree charcoal to detoxify,
Bentonite clay to purge the pores, 
Wild Oregano + Tea Tree essential oil to kill bacteria and oiliness. 

We don't recommend using this mask on sensitive skin as it can cause a tingling sensation!
For something more gentle, try the Cactus Flower, Honey + Milk mask from the Holy Water range.


To use - Mix one 1tbsp powder with 1tbsp water to form a paste. Gently smooth onto face then allow to dry for 15 minutes. 
Rinse with warm water.

Handmade in Beer, Devon UK. 
All Holy Water's products contain ingredients which are hand-collected, foraged and organic. They hold a strong passion for all-natural products, devoid of harsh chemicals, preservatives. Packaging is fully recyclable and reusable.

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