Hand Loomed Wool & Cotton Rug


Kilim rugs are one of our weaknesses - from the colours, patterns and textures to the work that goes into each one, there is so much to love about a good kilim.  We have sourced a wide range from these new wool and jute rugs to unique vintage Afghan kilims.  Have a look at our inspiration here: HunterJonesBlog/Kilims

This kilim features a patchwork design in shades of blue, red, mustard, olive and orange. This particualr rug is perfect if you're looking for a rug which is a bit more vibrant.  Designed to be practical yet hard wearing, kilim rugs will add texture and warmth to any room in the house.  

This particular rug is 80% wool and 20% cotton making it slightly heavier and softer than a wool and jute mix and has been hand loomed in India. There may be a slight variation in the colour and design of the rug due to the handmade nature of the product.

Sizes: 75 x 120 cm; 75 x 240 cm; 120 x 180 cm; 180 x 270 cm.

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