Luxury Sayali Jasmine Pure Incense Sticks
Luxury Sayali Jasmine Pure Incense Sticks
Sacred Elephant

Luxury Sayali Jasmine Pure Incense Sticks

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Two Boxes of 10 Sticks

Natural incense scented with precious Sayali Jasmine. A sweet, subtle fragrance, long known since ancient times to uplift and enliven. The uniqueness of this perfume is due to the fact that this plant only flowers at night, absorbing the rays of the moon. We've found it leaves a beautiful, soft fragrance around the home which lasts all day. 

Sacred Elephant's incense is vegan, free from chemicals and carcinogens and contains no synthetic ingredients.  Fragrances are made only from pure essential oils.  Packaging is recyclable cardboard and is printed with vegetable dyes.  

Each stick is around 20cm long and will burn for approximately 40-45 minutes.  There are 10 sticks per box and you will receive two boxes.

Made in India in a fair trade manner.

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