Mini Plastic-Free Plant Pots in Blush
Mini Plastic-Free Plant Pots in Blush

Mini Plastic-Free Plant Pots in Blush

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Five plant pots made from agricultural bi-products.
Coffee husks, coconut husk, bamboo powder, chaff, straw and more are mixed with a non-toxic resin to create Husk's products. These materials would have otherwise been thrown away or burnt.  We love these, not only for their eco credentials but they look great - almost like concrete or ceramic. 

Biodegradable, plastic free, eco friendly.  Frost proof, perfect for inside or out. 

Plant pots will last for around seven years before they start to decompose.
When you're finished with them, don't throw them away! Simply crush and bury in soil. 

74mm x 62 mm

Husk is a small family run business based in West Sussex, focused on making products that are pleasing to the eye and the environment. 

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