Onsen Bath Salts
Onsen Bath Salts
Earl of East London

Onsen Bath Salts

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Onsen is a thermal bath or "hot spring" which is a huge part of Japanese culture. A bath in an Onsen soothes, rejuvenates and cleans you. Enjoy your Onsen bath salts before you go to sleep, or when you need to catch a moment's rest. 

A blend of Epsom + Himalayan salts with the natural essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint ad Mandarin. 

Part of Earl of East London's newest line which invites you to experience Japanese Bathing culture. 

Add 2-3 small handfuls to a running bath or use as an exfoliant in circular motions on wet skin. 


Comes in a brown glass jar with lid. 


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