Recharge Trio
Recharge Trio
Hunter Jones

Recharge Trio

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Hand-picked favourites of ours in a handy bundle, meet the Recharge Trio.
These three components work together, allowing you the mind space to refresh and recharge. 
Palo Santo
Meaning "Holy Stick" is an ancient natural incense from Peru. Produces a sweet, uplifting & fresh smoke. Traditionally used for healing common colds, headaches, calming the nervous system for faster recovery. 

A healing stone often referred to as "Liquid Light". Use this stone to clear energy blockages within your mind while promoting purity and honestly with one's self.

Desert Sage
White sage's perfumed cousin, often reffered to as "Doctor-Brush". The sedative smoke of desert sage can be used within your home to cleanse, or 'smudge' the space and your body. Clears the sinuses and refresh the mind.



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