Barley Medium Longwool Sheepskin


We were inspired by some amazing examples of sheepskins in interiors recently and so were excited to find a supplier who would allow us to hand pick each individual skin.  We've put together a collection of sheepskins and cowhides in a selection of beautiful colours and patterns.  See our inspiration here: HunterJonesBlog/Sheepskins

A really versatile addition to any home, they look great hung over a chair or in front of a fire, and will add warmth and texture to a leather sofa.  It's also a lovely thing to sit on, so if you're sat at a computer or a sewing machine for hours a day you'll appreciate its comfort and coziness.  

All of our sheepskins and cowhides are ethically sourced and are a by-product of the food industry.  Sheepskins can be washed at a low temperature if need be but be sure to dry away from heat and brush vigorously as it dries.  They can also be dry cleaned.

This colour is a favourite of ours - a warm light tan.  Please note that as these are a natural product and dyed in small batches, the colours will vary slightly. 

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